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Build on positive habits with your health. Move, eat and think positively. Allow your body to function in a positive manner. Ask us how.


True love is what we do. Do you love your body enough to listen to it and remove the things that stop it being happy or are you about ignoring it until it stops working. We will listen to your body.


Does your body tell the story of your past? Can it function the way you need it to in order to enjoy your life, or is the picture of you telling a different story. We can help you improve the picture.


Are you living your life defined by the labels people put on your body signals? Are you focussing on the cause of the problem or just the complaint. The label isn't the problem, let us help you find the solution.

At By the Bay Chiropractic and Massage Therapy we do just that. Remedial Massage, Chiropractic and Pregnancy Massage.

The boutique family clinic at By the Bay Chiropractic and Massage Therapy is comprised of a husband and wife team.

Catherine Baker

Massage Therapist

A gifted massage therapist Catherine blends her natural feel and inherent skill with practical knowledge and hands on experience. This makes her a sought after remedial massage practitioner who can combine various forms of massage to achieve the desired aims for her patients. From New born babies to elderly retirees, professional athletes to pregnant first time mothers, Catherine has the ability to enhance health and wellbeing through remedial massage. A wife, mother of three, small business owner and entrepreneur Catherine knows what it is to be busy. It is hard to make time for yourself, but she knows you have to. An avid runner, enthusiastic yogi, essential oil user and a knowledgeable bodyworker Catherine uses all of her life experiences to ensure the patient on her table gets the best therapy for them at that time.

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Dr Adam Baker


Dr Adam is a skilled and professional chiropractor who brings together his life lessons learnt as an Engineer Officer in the Australian Regular Army and the knowledge attained after years of study in Chiropractic and the human frame. He understands the importance of the chiropractic adjustment on both the mechanical and emotional aspects of the body, and how function and form are so important. A one time "dis-believer" it took time as a chiropractic patient to open his eyes to proper health care. It was this stimulus that changed his course for ever. Now he balances his passion for his life as a chiropractor, husband, father, aikido student and work in progress to bring his clients his very best every day.


By the Bay Chiropractic and Massage Therapy is a boutique family owned and operated wellness clinic in the heart of Victoria Point It has one driving aim - to improve the lives of the families that reside in Victoria Point, Redland Bay, Mt Cotton, Thornlands and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

The Clinic

In todays fast paced world people often fail to take the time to stop and listen to the messages their body sends them. They may be unaware, or worse they may try to ignore the effects their lifestyle has on their health. When people focus on a symptom they rarely change the lifestyle stimulus causing the problem. A persons body is a complex system that requires the right nutritional inputs, the right forms of exercise, the right emotional releases and the right form of internal communication between its many unique components. A persons body wants to function at its optimal level. Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, like that practiced at By the Bay Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, is designed to integrate naturally with the body, enhance its function and not work against it.

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